sparrows began to build a nest above the door, waiting for each hand that come knocking. man with the box, with a guitar, with a piece of paper, with a car, or with a cheerful, even with restless. all birds were greeted with tunable chirp.

among all those who arrived, none of which I hope will be delight, should indeed I find myself about it, I step on my courage against loyalty, hoping for something new. the smell of adventurers. and devil horns stuck in my head.

when I started feet out, a small bird fell dead. it’s because I invite my guests through the lusts …
not as good as I felt my defenses reefs, or words of love beautifully I wrote
even a bird cage over the door is much less rigid, also the parent birds are not desperate to see one of its child dead.

I checked my cell phone .. I say: as a friend, okay ..

then I waited, my delight or my clawed back inside, enjoying the sparrows chirp that await guests as usual …


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